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Yes, if the S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique is designed and installed properly. Every S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique is evaluated independently and scientifically to make sure that it is relevant for your situation. The S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique repair work is installed by trained and skilled technicians. We also offer a warranty on the composite repair. S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique is more than a leak repair; it can also restore structural strength and is extremely effective where rehabilitation of pipe work, pipelines, and tanks.

An effective S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique Repair Work will typically last more than 10 years or longer, if required. The repair system can be engineered to keep the asset working until the next scheduled shutdown.

S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique Repair work can be applied to pipe work, pipelines, tanks, and pressure vessels. In fact, S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique is appropriate in situation where hot work or production disruption is undesirable.

Yes. S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique can be used for any geometry or structure viz. tees, wyes, elbows, or nozzles.

S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique for Repair of Pipelines, tanks and valves are expertly designed and installed, they are reliable throughout their design lives. The success Rate is 99.999 %.

Yes. The quality of surface preparation will definitely affect the performance of the S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique Repair work. Good surface preparation will facilitate a perfect bond between the substrate material and the S-Wrap® Repair system.

Yes, S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique gives a good value for the money when compared to the savings in lost production alone and shut down cost.

S-Wrap® Repair Technique undergo visual and dimensional quality checks at every stage of the repair. The integrity of the repair begins with knowledgeable, fully qualified and highly skilled technicians, working to established and designed guidelines. These guidelines incorporate many quality hold points including, but not limited too: surface preparation, correct material ratios, application of overlaps and tapers, repair thicknesses, and cure rates.

S-Wrap® Repair Technique are designed to meet the individual requirements of each and every application

  • Experience : We have extensive experience in Online Leakage Sealing Technique with S-Wrap® repair, both onshore and offshore, and an impressive track record for delivering effective and reliable Leakage Sealing and Strengthening Solutions.
  • Careful Designing : Every Leak is unique and must be Custom designed; for example, the pipe size, the size and shape of the defect, operating parameters and the position of leak must be considered for reliable performance.
  • Surface preparation : It is crucial to increase the bond strength, and must be performed to match the design specifications exactly. Otherwise, performance cannot be guaranteed.
  • Proper installation : S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique repair is critical, especially on any complex geometries, to ensure correct fiber orientation and strength; installation technicians must be highly skilled and qualified
  • Material Quality : High Quality and High Performance Products which are compatible are used.
  • Warranties : We provide assurance with our performance Guarantee.

Each S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique Repair can be engineered to achieve optimum strength and bonding and to conform with independently-approved industry guidelines and standards. Tests are carried out on materials and full-scale pressure tests are undertaken as and when required.

S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique have been successfully applied in temperature ranges from -5°C to 150°C, and in operational pressure ratings up to 100 bar. We do have systems for Higher Temperature and pressures.