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S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique can be used to Sealing of Hydrocarbon Leakage in Storage Tank.

Corrosion of the Metal on the Floating Roof and Fixed Roof Storage Tank causes the Stored Hydrocarbon to leak on the surface of the roof. The Hydrocarbon collected on the Roof can be dangerous and a potential Fire Hazard. Leaking Holes can also cause water to seep in the tank and contaminate the fluid in the tank.

No need for decommissioning of the tank or decanting the tank. The entire job is done while the tank roof is leaking (that is the hydrocarbon is flowing out). No need to lower the level of the stored fluid in the tank.

S-Wrap Leakage Sealing Technique can be used to repair Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Leakages from

  • Roof of Floating Roof Tank
  • Floating Roof Center Deck Weld Cracks
  • Pontoon Weld Cracks
  • Roof Corrosion
  • Wind Girder Corrosion Problems
  • Ladder Runner support Defects
  • Fixed Roof Tank Surface
  • Repair of Big Holes and Excessive Damage

Repairing the leak on the roof with conventional welding method is not permitted for safety reason. In such a situation S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique for Repair of Storage Tank is indispensible solution.

S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique is the most reliable and long term solution to seal the Hydrocarbon Leak on Storage Tank Roof. The Repair Work is done using special polymers made to withstand the wear and tear and stresses of the metal Surface.

S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique for Storage Tank ideally offers a service life of More than 5 years.

Service details

Experience in sealing more than 5000 sq feet area of storage tank in the past 10 years.

Size of hole

Pin holes, Crack, Big holes

Product Compatibility

Crude Oil, Petrol / Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Naphta, Furnace Oil,Lube Oil, LSHS, Water


1. We have Sealed Hole of maximum 1.5 feet x 2 feet

2. We have repaired 625 sq feet of Upper Deck of Floating Roof.

3. We have sealed Crack of 10 inch on the single deck Floating Roof.