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S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique for Strengthening of Weak Pipeline is a combination of meticulous assessment of the defect, designed in accordance with the International Standards and application of Selected High Performance Products suitable for the Service.

The Pipeline Strengthening process involves combination of Engineered Polymers and Glass Fibre Composite Tapes. An initial layer of Polymer is applied on the prepared substrate followed by wrapping of the S-Wrap® Composite Tape to achieve the designed standards and predetermined result. The S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique can be designed and used for Strengthening of pipeline operating at pressure of more than 100 kg/cm2.

Installation is straight forward, safe and fast and gives a repair that will outlast the 20 years life currently allowed in the ISO and ASME guidance documents.

The Entire Application is done by our Team of Trained and Experienced Application specialists.

The Benefits of the S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique are significant. Repair and strengthening solutions offer the following advantages.

  • Installation without disruption to production operations
  • Light Weight Material is easy to transport and handle at work site
  • Installed using Cold Work technique
  • Can be installed in Confined and Congested work area
  • Conforms to Complex Geometries
  • Repair on Pipeline diameter 1/2 inch to 40 inch and bigger
  • Cure time 4 hours or less after completion of application
  • Can be applied while the line is Live or in Use.
  • No through life maintenance requirement
  • Carry Axial and Hoop loads in pipe work and pipelines
  • Lower Total Repair Cost
  • Service Life of more than 10 years
  • Designed in to comply with ISO 24817 and ASME PCC2


Pipe Size

½” to 40” Diameter Pipeline

Size of Repair

Any Length

Type of Damage

Dents, Gouge, Corrosion, Pitting etc.

Operating Pressure

1 to 100 Kg/cm2

Operating Temperature

(-) 5 to (+) 150 Deg C

Fluid in Pipe

All Hydrocarbons And Water

Application Pressure

1 to 100 Kg/cm2

Method of Repair

S-Wrap Leakage Sealing Technique –Strengthening of Pipeline