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S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique for Pipeline Leakage Sealing is now widely accepted in the Indian Oil & Gas Industry as a cost-effective repair alternative to traditional metallic materials. S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique uses a unique method to Seal the Leakage of Hydrocarbon and Water from pipelines. S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique for Leaking Pipeline is a combination of meticulous assessment of the leak, application of Selected High Performance Products suitable for the Service and designed after considering all the operating parameters.

A Pipeline leaking fuel oil can be repaired without taking isolation/shut down or draining of the pipeline. The Leakage Sealing work can be done at application pressure upto 10 kg/cm2 and temperature of not more than 80 deg C while applying.

The S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique process involves combination of Sealing Material, Engineered Polymers and Glass Fibre Composites Tapes designed to achieve the desired results.

Installation is straightforward, safe and fast and gives a repair that will outlast the 10 years life.

The Entire Application is done by our Team of Trained and Experienced Application specialists.

S-Wrap® Pipe Repair Technique for Leakage Sealing can be used on

  • Leaking Pipelines
  • Cracked pipelines
  • Pitted Pipelines
  • Corroded Pipelines
  • Gauged pipelines
  • Complex geometric shapes in pipelines; such as tees, wyes, elbows, or nozzles
  • Sampling and instrumentation pipelines

S-Wrap® Leakage Sealing Technique Features

  • Restoring the Strength of a damaged pipe
  • Reducing the strain in the damaged areas of the pipe by providing reinforcement and increased stiffness to the weak areas
  • Providing a restraint so that leak can be stopped and does not increase
  • Sealing the damaged area of the pipe from further development of corrosion
  • Installation without disruption of production operation
  • Light Weight. Does not add much weight
  • Installed using Cold Work Technique
  • Can be installed in Confined and Congested Work area
  • Conforms to Complex Geometries
  • Lower Total Project Cost
  • Permanent Repairs
  • Service Life of more than 10 years


Pipe Size

½” to 40” Diameter Pipeline

Size of Leaking Holes

Pinhole to 10” Size Hole or Crack

No. of Holes

Single to Multiple Holes

Operating Pressure

1 to 100 Kg/cm2

Operating Temperature

(-) 5 to (+) 150 Deg C

Fluid in Pipe

All Hydrocarbons And Water

Application Pressure

8-10 Kg/cm2

Method of Repair

S-Wrap Leakage Sealing Technique – Pipe Leakages