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The S-Wrap®Pipe Repair Technique for Leakage Sealing and Strengthening offers proven products and systems engineered to avoid or reduce down time and costs of piping repair. Our range of repair products and techniques are designed to address specific problems with cost-effective, reliable, quality, engineered repair service coupled with their guarantees and rigid compliance in most of the pipeline repair situation.

The S-Wrap®Pipe Repair Technique for Leakage Sealing and Strengthening represents the new generation Composite Repair Technology. It has been developed to provide industry with an economical repair system that is easy to use and apply for repair on Leaking and Corroded or damaged pipe of any pipe geometry.

S-Wrap Composite Pipe Repair System is compatible with Almost all Hydrocarbons used in Refinery.Crude Oil, Petrol, Diesel, LSHS, FO, SKO, HSD, Caustic Soda, Flare Gas, Naptha, LPG, Slop, Sea Water, Fire Hydrant Water, etc

S-Wrap®Technique is highly regarded within the Indian Oil and Gas Industry for their cost-effective, reliable quality, engineered repair service coupled with their guarantees. The S-Wrap®Pipe Repair Technique for Strengthening is designed to comply to the two international standards; ISO/TS 24817 and ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1

The performance of S-Wrap®Technique for Leakage Sealing and Strengthening is such that the client achieves a compliant, reliable and permanent repair suitable for the operational parameter. The benefits achieved are: No shut down to reduced down time, reduced installation cost, Long service life of repair solution.

The Major BENEFITS of the S-Wrap® Technique Product and Service

  • Installation without disruption of production operation.
  • Light Weight. Does Not add much weight.
  • Installed using Cold Work Technique.
  • Can be installed in Confined And Congested Work Area.
  • Conforms to Complex Geometries.
  • Lower total project cost
  • Permanent Repairs. More than 10 years of service life
  • Designed to comply with ISO24817 and ASME PCC2 and applied by trained personnel
  • Quick and easy to apply even while the hydrocarbon or water is leaking under pressures.
  • S-Wrap Composite Repair System can be used to strengthen the weak and corroded pipelines to their rated pressures.
  • Can be used in service temperatures ranging from 5°C to 150°C
  • Superior strength (high Young’s modulus),
  • Outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of steel, reducing build-up of strain due to thermal cycling