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Leakage from the Gland Seal of Valves is very common in Industry. Specially in the Hydrocarbon service the valve leakage can be very dangerous and a source of Fire Hazard. A Frequently leaking Valve Gland can be very troublesome. The installation of Zero Leak Valve Seal offers 3 Years Zero Leak Performance Guarantee on the installation.

The major advantage of using our Zero Leak Valve Seal is reliability. Not only in long term of leak free reliability but also the secure feeling of having an experienced and knowledgeable company on-site. Virtually all styles and sizes, from globe to knife gate valves and everything in between Hand, Motor and Air operated valves in all types of mediums.

We have repacked more than 10000 valves and we have the most productive and Efficient Zero Leak Valve Seal Repacking system in the industry. Since we guarantee the valve leak-free, we put only the highest quality packing into your valve.

Your only responsibility will be to provide us with a list of valves to repack. After that, we provide you with a detailed summary of the all the valves. We can extract and repack around 5-7 valves per technician per day.

SIDDHARTH ENTERPRISES is the only company that backs up that statement “We provide a written 3 Year Leak-Free Warranty (that includes labour and materials)”


Valve Size

All Valve sizes

Operating Pressure

100 kg/cm2

Operating Temperature

280 deg C

Fluid in Pipe

All Fluids from 0 to 14 pH

Method of Repair

S-Wrap Zero Leak Valve Seal