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NorMar Mini Skimmer is designed to recover oil in lakes and rivers. The skimmer consists of a brush or a disc which can be changed easily depending on the viscosity of the oil. The skimmer can be used on diesel to heavy oil products. The floating frame is made ??of aluminum and the whole system is compact, requiring little space and can be lifted fine by means of two male (weighing approx. 45kg.)


The NorMar 250TI and 350TI Offshore High Capacity Skimmer Systems are built on the NorMar Hose Handling Reels focusing on cost-effective oil recovery.

The reels are built with a crane arm for one-man oil recovery operation, and are equipped with swivel connections for transfer of oil and for hydraulic power to the skimmer head

The system is hydraulically powered made from coated mild steel and there are no electrical installations.All hydraulic tubing and hydraulic hose end fittings are in stainless steel material for minimum maintenance. Easily repairable for a ship's chef mechanic if needed, and requires little or no maintenance. The umbilical is built up with two 4”,5” or 6” cargo hoses, where one is for hydraulic power lines and one for cargo. The skimmer head itself is a Weir Skimmer system containing one or two pumps pending on oil viscosity and capacity needed. In order to handle high or low viscosity oil, a Cassette solution is provided, incorporating discs and brushes. To change between Wire, Brush and disks no tools are required and it is done without disconnecting the skimmer head from umbilical (do not need to open the flange).

This type of equipment is deplored for operation close to the source of oil pollution. In this area hazardous zones may be encountered. If the ship is approved to stay inside a hazardous zone, the NorMar Offshore system offers and option of Ex Zone 1 and 2 certification.